Stay Informed Austin

"Stop this sneaky deal, Austin."

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Issue One-Current Debt

Detroit declared bankruptcy with a total debt of $18 billion... But, are you aware that the level of Austin's known Bond Debt stands at a staggering level well over $8 billion?   Consider, "unfunded liabilities"  such  as accumulated retirement debt are NOT included. 
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 Austin Tax-Payer Situation Exposed  

Issue Two-Deceptive
Bond Ballot Wording

If you think you know for sure  what you're actually voting on by reading a Bond Project Ballot... THINK AGAIN!!

The 2014 Austin Bond Prop 1
Worst Wording Ever! 
  Check This Proposed Ballot Wording

Issue Three-Bond Fund Transfers 

Current City Hall practice allows Bond funds to be transferred from one Voter Approved Project to a Project that may have never been on a ballot for voter approval? 
    While thi is legal, I fail to see how anyone could call it honest!                   
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           Just take a look at our
                   Texas Tax Code