Stay Informed Austin
Why This Website Exists...
As residents of Austin for more than 40 years we've seen many changes in this city!   Most of the changes have been good and have had our approval.  However over the last decade or so, things have take a very dramatic turn and unfortunantly not for the better!
My ultimate goal is to find a simple, effective way to initiate some honest, above-board changes to some of the current local governmental procedures that severly dilute the power of the individual vote of Austin's taxpaying residents.

Boiling it down to the most basic level, it appears that the real power of the vote on Bond Issues for Austin residents has been greatly deminished through a simple, legal though, in my opinion, immoral process!  Through careful wording of Bond Projects ballots, voters are subtly fooled into thinking they actually have a say (through their vote) in specific projects to be financed by the sale of Municiple Bonds.  That simply NOT TRUE!

This effort is not aimed at any particular elected officials.  I'm not seeking any political power personally.  Therefore, you will see NO candidate endorsements nor candidate bashing.  This effort is strictly for the purpose of returning the power of the vote to all Austin voters!

My intent is to just find a way to convince whomever is in office, that they must have our actual approval  before they can saddle the tax payers of Austin with more debt through tax supported bonds.  Especially for projects which the majority of tax-paying residents do not really desire.
I'm not going to ask you to march or hold up a sign!

I will not ask you to sign a petition or take part in a signature drive...

I will not ask you to donate one dime...neither for this cause or any other cause!
My name is Phil Landrum.  I'm only one Austin resident, but I do believe my vote should have an actual impact to instruct the city council.   I recently discovered that it does not!

I moved to Austin with my wife and two children in 1970 to open a business (a camera store).   I've watched the governing body of this city slowly change over these many years.  

Over time, I've grown weary of practices that render Austin tax-payers powerless.  Tax-payers are expected to find a way to feel good about being strapped to an every increasing tax burden that carries far into our future!