Stay Informed Austin

Traffic Bites?  Oh, Really?   
Wait till you see the Bite Austin's Proposition 1 takes out of your bank account!
And please don't kid yourselves folks...  This is only the planned beginning!

Our Thanks to - "Citizens Against Rail Taxes" for researching and making these vital facts about the upcoming "Proposition 1" Vote available to us... and for graciously allowing the use of their graphics in our website!

Issue 1 - Current Debt

Detroit declared bankruptcy with a total debt of $18 billion... But, are you aware that the level of Austin's known Bond Debt stands at a staggering level well over $8 billion?   Consider, "unfunded liabilities"  such  as accumulated retirement debt are NOT included. 
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Austin Tax-Payer Situation Revealed  

Issue 2 - Deceptive
Bond Ballot Wording

If you think you know for sure  what you're actually voting on by reading a Bond Project Ballot... THINK AGAIN!!

This 2014 Austin Bond Proposition 1 wording is the worst I've ever seen! 
  Check This Proposed Ballot Wording
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Issue 3 - Fund Transfers 

Did you know that current City Hall practice allows bond funds to be transferred from one Voter Approved Project another Project that may have never been up for voter approval? 
    While this practice may be legal, I fail to see how anyone could call it honest!                   
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  Take A Hard Look at our TAX Code!
                      Texas Tax Code